Latana has published three photographic books, all three are available to order online, follow the link for "Latana Studio Online Store" on the left


A collection in black and white, expresses the extraordinary atmosphere of an abandoned villa hidden in the hills of Tuscany in Italy.
The unique look of the work was achieved by a painstaking process of hand painting silver emulsion onto handmade paper which took two years to complete.

The regular edition is issued as 34 unbound sheets, measuring 29 by 40.5 centimeters, and is housed in a handmade traycase covered with Japanese cloth. The images are reproduced by 300-line screen tritone offset lithography and printed on Monadnock Dulcet, an acid-free archival paper, by The Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, Vermont.

Fragments is limited to an edition of 500 copies. The deluxe edition of 26 copies includes one original image printed on hand sensitized paper. The special editon of 99 copies includes a handcolored cover image on Monadnock Dulcet paper. All copies will be numbered and signed by the artist and author.

The Phukthar Monastery

Depicts, in color, with great sensitivity the lives of the monks and the children that live in this two-thousand year old monastery. With a letter of support from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, all of the proceeds go directly to the monastery.

Barely Exposed, "How do you see your world."

A compilation of images of 60 young adults that includes impressions of their budding lives in their own words.

"Barely Exposed" explores the visual realm of sixty young adults, geographically and ethnically diverse in background, united through this unique series of intimate portraits. They are shot half-dressed against a black background, accompanied by their individual meditations on life thus far. These images and texts are imbued with a sense of honesty that reveal the vulnerability and hope of their age. Latana carefully crafts a space for these young adults to express themselves freely and honestly, and in so doing, asks us to consider the universality of their thoughts and how they might relate to us. Oro Editions